I come from a family where two aunts and an uncle were sculptors. Francesca, partner of Arthur Spronken, and Margrieth Zijlstra. Apparently art is in the genes and as a child you are influenced by what you see around you. I have always known, felt, that this was inside me and I just had to pay attention to it.

For me, painting is a kind of sculpting with paint; shaping something in wax or clay is a logical consequence of this. Now just do it for a while. These images were created using the Cire Perdue method. A beautiful process and much more labor intensive than I expected. In addition to being dependent on a bronze caster, you also have to continually adjust your image in between. It’s so exciting to see what the outcome will be. I feel that I want to work bigger, also on the canvas. Where will it all lead? We will see !;)


The images are made in an edition of 8 after 2 artist-proof models. Each image is unique and can be created in consultation. Different patina, different pedestal. It will be unique.

Technology Cire Perdue
When casting with a lost model method (cire perdue), as the name suggests, the original model is lost. The most commonly used variant of this method uses | of wax. Before casting, a wax model is made of the final casting to be formed. After the wax model or wax tree is complete, it is covered in a ceramic layer. This ceramic material is applied in a liquid state after which it becomes stiff on its own. The original wax model is removed from the mold by heating it to 120° Celsius. The mold cavity is then baked.

* Because the images are custom made, delivery time can vary from 2 to 3 months.
* Prices include VAT excl. pedestal